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Testimonial from Jack Samson - Field and Stream Magazine


Jack Samson

To: The good folks at Porta-Bote International

Your portable folding Porta-Bote is indeed all I thought it would be for fishing these big western trout rivers. The enclosed photo is from a recent fishing trip on the San Juan River in north-western New Mexico. The 10' model (behind me) was just right for two men. It takes the rapids fine and is so light it can be carried almost anywhere. The trout in the photo is a 6 pound rainbow.

You may use me for a testimonial anytime. It is a great boat!

Jack Samson



Hi Colin,
some feedback on Porta Dolly FYI.

We have just returned from Wingan Inlet on the S.E. coast of Victoria where we camped and fished for a week.  We took our TVan camper and Porta Bote 3.7M.  We used the new Porta Dolly on Day 1 for a launch off packed firm sand.
We assembled the boat and fitted the Porta Dolly at about the rear thwart position.  We equipped the boat with Mercury 5Hp (26kg), Minn Kota(8kg),12L fuel tank 12kg,Battery box (20kg), safety gear, rods, reels, etc.  We launched the boat off the sand with ease and were so impressed, we left the wheels on all week!!!(see picture)
Each night we retrieved the boat over the sand with the permanently fitted Porta Dolly, to above the high tide line - next morning, launch, etc.  The Porta Dolly was a real winner - I don't know how we did without it - we recommend it highly.
Thanks again
Ron (Porta Bote convert)
P.S. if any of your customers want help customising a Porta Bote (Minn Kota mount, removeable bucket seats, etc) I'm happy to provide input....


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