Porta-Bote - The world's most portable folding boat.

So, you're a sailor?

How about Porta-Bote with a Sail?

Believe it or not...
Porta-Bote has introduced a new Lateen rigged sailkit

For some really great times, order this new,
exciting sail option for your Porta-Bote

Sailing in this new fast, "forgiving" and "dry" craft with its
5 foot (2.77m) beam will add more excitement to every weekend.


Portable Folding Porta-Bote Sail
In 10'(3.27m),
12'(3.85m) and 14'(4.28m) lengths

A Unique, Folding Lateen Rig Sailboat - Sail produced exclusively for
Porta-Bote by world famous Rolly Tasker. The company that designs the sails for the Americas Cup Races!


It's All Over! An Inflatable Owner's Nightmare!


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