Porta-Bote - The world's most portable folding boat.

Porta-Bote Porta-SunShade® Set-up Instructions

Improved installation; no drilling

Parts List: Canopy; 3 black, metal tubes curved and 5' long; 2 sets of 3 support legs bolted together; 4 rubber washers; 2 white, nylon straps with elastic hooks; 2 plastic support clips 4" long with forks and bolts with nylon insert nuts; 2 adjustable Bungee Cords.

Tools required: Phillips screwdriver and adjustable wrench or pliers.

1. Open your boat and insert your seats. Then open the canopy and insert the three curved, metal tubes. The tubes are all exactly the same, as shown.

2. Wrap the Bungees around, behind the rear seat and hook to its front leg.

Alternatively, hook to a transom wing nut with a cord (not included).

3. Hook the white, nylon straps to the front edge of the seat, one or two seats forward (to avoid pulling the set leg out of its socket).  If a fishing deck is on that seat, lead  the strap under the seat to its front leg.

4. Turn over the canopy so that the black, metal tubes are hanging downward. Rotate the canopy so that the two metal tubes that are closer together are toward the front of the boat.

5. For some 8' and 10' boats measure the black, top rail. If the rail is less than 1-1/4", request free insert spacers from olgilders@sbcglobal.net.

6. Snap a 4" clip to each rail of the boat with the metal fork upright and the wider side of the clip toward the outside of the boat.

7. Turn the support legs so that the long tube swings open toward the back of the boat.  Bolt the support legs to the 4" clip loosely.  The 4" clips may remain bolted to the support tubes permanently.

8. Insert rubber washers on the front and back support legs. Slide the loop of the white strap over the forward curved tube.

Insert the support legs into the curved tubes.  The rubber washer will be pinched between the tube sections and will hold up the strap and Bungee.


9. Open the canopy up over the boat and clip one Bungee Cord to each rear support leg above it's rubber washer. Make the canopy horizontal, sliding the 4" clip along the rail and by adjusting the white straps and both the Bungees.

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