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Porta-Bote The Fantastic Folding Portable SCUBA Boat


Tokyo Fire Department Rescue Team Tests Portaboat's Stability With Incredible Results!
Scuba Diver Enters Porta-Bote (at the wrong end)
Scuba Diver Enters Porta-Bote (at the wrong end)

The 12' Porta-Bote (3.85m) model was recently tested for stability by the crack Tokyo Fire Department's Water Rescue Scuba Team. They tried everything possible to swamp the craft, including having a diver climb aboard from the bow rather than the stern! As you can see, he was dressed in full heavy fire department rescue gear! Thanks to Porta-Bote's 5' (1.52m) beam (width) and patented "flexihull", this unique folding boat passed with flying colours!
Please Note....there was no compensating weight. All the weight was up front when the diver boarded. And, check out the picture on the right. A fully loaded boat with plenty of "freeboard" (space above the water line).


It's All Over! An Inflatable Owner's Nightmare!


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