Porta-Bote - The world's most portable folding boat.

The World's Most Portable Cabin Cruiser Dinghy?

Sailboat? Off-Shore Yacht? Seaplane? Whatever! Here's Your Best Dinghy Answer...

porta-bote dinghy on sailboat deck porta-bote dinghy on sailboat davit  porta-bote dinghy on sailboat deck


All Kinds Of Ways To Carry Portaboat On Your Boat

Even On Your Swim Platform

Porta-Bote Dinghy On The High Seas


Or Your Seaplane!

porta-bote dinghy on seaplane deck

porta-bote dinghy on seaplane struts

porta-bote dinghy as a motorboat

Folding Port-a-bote...Open or folded...A most "practical"
ship to shore tender dinghy
Just lash it to the stanchions....or the pontoons of your seaplane!


It's All Over! An Inflatable Owner's Nightmare!


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