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Porta-sunShade® Assembly/Installation Instructions

When you're at rest 
and the temperature begins to rise... 
just open for instant relief against both the heat 
and the UV rays of the sun.

Here are the initial installation instructions:

One Canopy. 
Three Aluminium "U" Tubes. 
Two Long Aluminium "Main Support Tubes", Each With Attached Short Tube And Attached Long Tube. 
Eight 5/8" Screws. 
Two Snap Hook Anchors
Two Adjustable Webbing Straps, Each with Snap Hook. 
Two Mounting Hinge Brackets, Each With A Post Screw. 

TOOLS: Phillips Head Screwdriver. Tape Measure. Drill With 3/32" Bit. Marking Pencil Or Scribe

1- Spread the canopy on the ground so you can see the “end sleeve” at each end and the “webbing loops” facing up. Insert one aluminium "U" shaped tube thru each "end sleeve" of the canopy and one "U" shaped aluminium tube thru the webbing loops. All 3 "U" shaped tubes are identical.

2- Slip the looped end of one adjustable webbing straponto one of the two aluminium main support tubes. Now slip the looped end of one adjustable webbing strap to the other aluminium main support tube on the other side as shown. Then, Insert the swedged (thinner end) of eachaluminium main support tube into each end of the aluminium "U" tubes as shown.

3A- Mounting hinge bracket installation: With your Porta-Bote already assembled, place the assembled canopy at the desired location on the boat. Notice where the aluminium support tube will attach to the mounting hinge bracket. Mark this spot on top of the tubing rub rail. Place onemounting hinge bracket on the marked spot of the tubing rail not less than 3“ (7.62 cm) from the centre of the oarlock socket either toward the front or rear of the boat. On the 12' model, only, you should place it 3" (7.62 cm) toward the rear.

So that the mounting hinge bracket does not press against the bottom of the boat when folded, place each bracket (and snap hook anchor, explained in paragraph 4) so that it is slightly closer to the outside of the hull rather than “dead centre”

Drill 3/32" holes thru the mounting hinge bracket into the tubing rub rail. Attach this bracket using two 5/8" screws. Repeat this step on the other side of the boat. Apply “Locktite”, GOOP, or Silicon type Adhesive (which may be purchased at Walmart, Home Depot or most hardware stores) to each screw where it enters the tubing rail. These products helps bond the screw to the tubing rail. They also work well when applied to the swedged end of the tubes when inserting them into the “U” frames

3B-- Remove the post screw from each mounting hinge bracket. Insert one of the two aluminium main support tubes (with the hole at the bottom) into the mounting hinge bracket. Replace and tighten the post screw. Repeat this procedure on the other side.

4- Adjustable webbing strap installation: Adjust your Porta-Shade so it is level. Mark the place where the front adjustable webbing strap will attach to the boat by placing the hooked end of the strap on the tubing rail as far from thealuminium main support tube as possible. Now place asnap hook anchor at that mark on the tubing rail. Drill two 3/32" holes thru the snap hook anchor into the tubing rail. Attach the snap hook anchor using two 5/8" screws. Repeat this step on the rear side of boat. Now, unhook the front adjustable webbing strap and tighten the snap hook anchor. Repeat this procedure on the rear adjustable webbing strap.


This is what the completed installation looks like. 


HINT: When it's very windy, always place the canopy in the down position, facing forward, when moving forward.

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